POFOTO Dual Dash Camera R2

POFOTO Dash Cam R2
POFOTO Dash Cam R2

POFOTO Dual Dash Camera R2


【True 2.5K Front Camera】The POFOTO R2 dash camera offers a maximum resolution of 1600P@30fps or 1440P@60fps to capture details like license plates and road signs on the road ahead. Recording at 60fps significantly reduces motion blur during high-speed driving, and doubles image detail compared to 30fps, providing crucial evidence for accidents that occur in an instant

【Ethernet Rear-view Camera】 The dash cam front and rear wireless is equipped with a 1080P Ethernet rear camera, boasting a transmission speed that is 100% faster than AHD cameras on the market. This allows for real-time, seamless, and smooth streaming of clear, low-noise rearview videos

【HDR & STARVIS Night Vision】Our dash camera for cars adopts a high-quality Sony Starvis IMX335 sensor, combined with HDR (High Dynamic Range) performance. This excellent combination automatically balances the exposure of both too-bright and too-dark areas, enabling clear video capture even in low-light environments or under strong car lights at night

【Built-in Wi-Fi & GPS】Dash cam front and rear built-in WiFi, you can effortlessly connect to the Pofoto Cam App, configure your dash cam, and download videos to your local storage without the need for a data cable. Additionally, the GPS function allows you to track your driving route, location, and speed. The real-time speed will be displayed on the car camera screen in MPH


User Guide Videos

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POFOTO R2 How to Install a Dash Cam in Your car

Unleash the Road: POFOTO R2 Dash Cam Revolutionizes Your Drive!

POFOTO R2 How to open the emergency recording function of the machine

How to use the app to quickly connect your Pofoto R2 dash cam?

POFOTO R2 How to Install a Dash Cam in Your car

Unleash the Road: POFOTO R2 Dash Cam Revolutionizes Your Drive!

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High Dynamic Range

Balance between bright and dark areas

Ensures your footage remains consistently sharp and detailed, providing unwavering confidence.

Enhanced Low Light

Sony Starvis IMX335 Sensor with F1.6 Aperture

Ensures exceptionally clear nighttime recordings with reduced noise and improved clarity.

Track Your Every Journey

Detect the Vehicle's Position, Speed, and Route

It assists users in observing their driving habits, offers dependable evidence in case of accidents.

View & Share As You Like

Built-in WiFi, Effortlessly Connect to the App

Configure your dash cam, and download videos to your local storage to share views or moments.

Security Critical Moments

G-Sensor for Enhanced Safety

Records and locks a 1-minute video when a sudden impact or accident occurs.

Drive confidently

Automatically records over older video files

In emergencies, these vital recordings are safeguarded from deletion.

1/3/5 Time Settings

Automatically Recording When an Impact Occurs

(Hardwire kit required, not included.)

10 Support up to 256GB SD Card.jpg__PID:fbebedad-0fc9-410b-a32a-29092d0afe40

Support Up to 256GB SD Card (Package Not Included)

For the best performance, we recommend U3 Class 10 SD cards with U3 speed ratings, like Samsung cards. SanDisk Ultra, are not suitable for high-end dashcams.

Before inserting any new memory cards, it's essential to format them using the POFOTO app or camera for optimal functionality.

11 Impccable Supercapacitor.jpg__PID:ebedad0f-c981-4be3-aa29-092d0afe4090

Super Capacitor

We have used supercapacitors that have a longer service life and are resistant to extreme temperatures (-4°F~158°F). Plus, they offer a stable power supply, ensuring uninterrupted recording.


Model R2
Main lens apertureF1.6
Operating memory 2GB 
Video Resolution Single lens

Dual lens:
1080P@30/60fps+ 1080P@30fps
1600P@30f ps+ 1080 P@30f ps 
Sensor Sony IMX335 (5 0 Mega Pixel)
Processor NTK96670 
Lens Angle Front lens 140°
Rear lens 150° 
Screen Size 3'16 Inches 
Video Format MP4 
Photo Format JPEG 
USB Port Type-C USB 
Memory Card 32G to 256G U3 class 10 SD card
Power USB 5V/15A 
Operating Temperature-4°F~140°F/-20°C~60°C
Storage Temperature-4°F~158°F/ -20°C-~70°C 
Dimension 95mm x 40mm x 36mm 
Weight 88g 
Main Function WDR, HDR, Built-in WIFI, GPS, Night Vision, Paking Monitoring
Loop Recording, Emergency Recording, Super capacitor  
12 What's in the box.jpg__PID:edad0fc9-810b-432a-a909-2d0afe40904f

What's in the box

R2 2.5K front camera *1
R2 1080P rear camera *1
GPS Host Bracket *1
Car Charging Cable *1
Rear Camera Connection Cable (23 ft) *1
3M Adhesive *2
Electrostatic Sticker*2
User Manual *1
Car Wire Organizing tool *1

Quick Start Guide




Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Rivky H.
Awesome product

I love this Pofoto Dash Cam! It records with clarity, it is a quality product! It also has a Ultra-clear night vision function which is a great feature!

Joe Kleinsasser

Awesome dual dash camera

Emil W.
Nice camera for a great price

I really like this camera and the features it has. It has really good video quality on both the front and rear facing camera. I like that it has an SD card slot where you can insert an SD card for extra video storage. The card could be removed and you can review the video footage on your computer or use it in a crash or theft investigation. With the the Bluetooth feature you can pair the camera with you phone and it uses your phones’ location to track where the video footage is collected. The cameras are super easy to install and camera comes with plenty of cable and cable hangers so you can install if yourself and make it look like a factory install. I promise. You will love this for you vehicle.

s. t. t.
Vivid, high quality dash cam

This is my first dash camera. I was pleasantly surprised by how vivid the video quality and how wide-angle the videos appear. Installation was somewhat tricky and the installation manual was rather vague. When I purchased this, I didn’t realize that a micro SD card was required in order to use the camera. One thing to note is that if you have a hatchback opening on your vehicle, be sure to leave enough slack in the rear camera line to enable your trunk to open and close adequately. Customer service has been very prompt and absolutely has gone above and beyond to resolve any questions or issues I’ve encountered with installation, use, and the phone app.

very impressive

**EDITED after 2 months of use**
I still love this camera and have recommended to so many people. I love that I don't have to do anything with it for it to work all the time. It records everytime I turn my car on. It is nice knowing that I have it here just incase I get in an accident.

I cannot believe how good the quality is on the cameras. This is definitely a product that I never knew I needed. People drive so crazy right now, I love having this recording all of the time as a way to cover myself in case of an accident. It was very easy to set up and install everything. The wires fit easily up in the top moulding of the car. I love that videos are time and date stamped, show GPS locations and speed. I purchased a 256 GB memory card to go in mine.

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POFOTO Dash Cam R2